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Fritz & Margarete Schulzke (1901 Ė 1991)


East Prussia

Coat of Arms

Ernie & Margot Schulzke
   Kurt & Corrine
   Kristen & Brian Chevrier
   Eric & Cheri
   Kari & Mark Mackay

Manfred & Margaret Schulzke
   Trajan & Julia
   Quintus & Mandy
   Tyrus   Mission:
   Talsan & Alesha

Astrid Gossett
   Kathie Gossett
& Alan Aken


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Manfred & Margaretís posterity: Graphics by Lanzer Schulzke, Pictures from May 2003 to August 2004?

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Question: What are the names of some of the ships Opa worked on?
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

As I find time, Iím trying to get more updates to this page posted.I appreciate your patience.Iíll be happy to give any family members (close or extended) the access they need from this page.See the note below.
Posted by Quintus Schulzke, December 30, 2006.

You can now get help with using your web page here.
Posted by Quintus Schulzke, May 31, 2005.

Talsan, Alesha, and Kayla were sealed for eternity at the Salt Lake City Temple on April 23, 2005.
Posted by Quintus Schulzke.

Tyrus recevied his mission call to the Taiwan Taipei mission. He'll be learning Mandarin chinese and reports to the MTC on October 20. He plans to arrive in Provo early (Friday, probably) and will meet up with Quintus and his family who are travelling up in October to see him. We plan to go up to Idaho together to see Talsan, Aleshia, and hopefully by that time, their new addition. It would also be nice to see other family there: Kristen & Brian, Eric & Cheri, and even Kurt's daughter, Natasia, who appears to be a freshman at BYU this year.
Posted by Quintus Schulzke, September 5, 2004.

Merry Christmas to our family
This site will provide you with email and web pages. Iíve purchased hosting space through December 2005 and the domain registration through December 2007-and plan to maintain both into the distant future.
With Love from, Quintus (December 2003)